Meta Spaces: immersive virtual environments

Create a world where users could claim their residence and(or) interact with their favorite brands in a variety of novel ways, with Meta Spaces, a metaverse-based white-label solution. At your request, we can provide a series of custom 3D spaces of various types, including residential apartments, art galleries, meeting rooms, sports stadiums, museums, shops, and more, to attend and explore. The future is here, it is now!

Create a world where users could claim the residence and interact with favourite brands in a variety of ways, with Meta Spaces, a metaverse-based, white-label solution. We create custom 3D spaces of various types, including residential apartments, art galleries, meeting rooms, museums, shops, and more, to explore. The future is now!

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Why Meta Spaces?


Grant space ownership to residents in the form of ERC-721 NFTs, as Meta Spaces is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Events & activities

Enjoy every moment in Meta Spaces with a multitude of directions to go, tons of activities to perform, whether those are partying together, learning, doing business, playing games, or simply relaxing.

Customizable spaces

Let users customize spaces they own by changing their design, division, construction, and furnishing, and collect unique items (merchandise, wear, etc.) from favorite brands by purchasing those on the in-world NFT marketplace.

ERC-20 tokens

Make purchases simple within Meta Spaces by arranging the robust in-world economy based on the native Ethereum tokens; above all, users will have access to a variety of premium actions.

Hosted events

Let users who buy or rent apartments host events within those spaces and decide whom to invite and even whether to charge entry fees.

NFT staking

Provide users with access to limited cap staking pools, where apartment NFT owners can stake those via a custom web portal that also allows for apartment renting.

E-wallet integration

Introduce the NFT minting feature so that users could mint in-world items as NFTs in a variety of styles and sizes and connect their e-wallets to decide which ones to trade.


Conduct regular special events on the Ethereum blockchain where users can win in-world items by participating in regular events with airdrops and rewards.

Meta Spaces: virtual spaces for everyone

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with Meta Spaces

Instantly trade popular crypto, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and others, while tracking exchange rates to trade beneficially at the right time, at the right markets.

Improved user engagement thanks to fully immersive, interactive virtual spaces to explore

New content monetization opportunities for businesses with NFT trading

New possibilities for conducting loyalty programs, with crypto-enabled NFT trading

Virtual trading opportunities for users, with NFT ownership and staking features

Reusable codebase to implement and adapt any future metaverse to other projects

Types of virtual spaces

Art gallery
Hall of Fame
Sports stadium
Zen garden

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